Revising a Novel

After receiving the editor’s notes on my first draft it was time to start revising. My editor, Nina Munteanu, pointed out errors where the scenes needed to be detailed and characters needed to be fleshed out. Her comments also helped me see where my attempts to be mysterious had floundered into confusion. Opps!

Getting through a first draft successfully simply requires commitment. Getting through a revision requires an open mind and critical thinking. As a writer, constructive feedback is the best gift anyone can give you. An editor recognizes that a book is a product and focuses on making it the best product possible. In the end, however, you are the only one responsible for your artistic vision. Knowing what you want to say and finding the best way to say it is a delicate balancing act.

By comparing the first revision with the original manuscript, you will be to see how I used the editor’s feedback to improve the the first six chapters. I’m sure this is not the last revision. The first six chapters represent the first third of the book since the average young adult novel is about 70,000 words, and the first six chapters contain a little over 20,000 words. As I move forward, I will remember the feedback I have received so far to create a stronger first draft for the remaining manuscript. Once I have completed the manuscript, a new phase of editing will begin.

View the first revision of Darwinian Mystics: Book of the North published at

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