About the Book

What if a perfectionist was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and struggled with her self-worth until she realized her value?

Amber Johnson is sixteen when she begins to have hallucinations and anxiety attacks. After a psychiatrist diagnoses her with bipolar disorder, Amber desperately medicates herself to escape her terrifying episodes. She soon discovers she was deceived. She is not damaged, but uniquely gifted.

Who Are the Darwinian Mystics?

Book of the North is the first in the Darwinian Mystics series. Each book in the series is founded on one of the cardinal directions of the Cherokee medicine wheel and expands beyond that wisdom to embrace various shamanic traditions in these mystical adventures.

Book of the North questions our current understanding of mental health when our heroine, Amber Johnson, is diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder and struggles with her fears of social stigma. It is Amber’s abnormality, however, that makes her so special. Book of the North chronicles her struggle along the mental medicine path as she discovers her Celtic birthright. Her brain is capable of much more than she ever imagined. Along this path. Amber encounters paranormal experiences, scientific manipulation, and secret societies. Her search for the Book of the North will force her to choose between social acceptance and self-acceptance. It’s a story of fear unraveled by love.

How Can I Read the Book of The North?

Interested in reading Book of the North? You’re in luck. You have a unique opportunity. You can catch the first glimpse of Book of the North here. The first thirty-one scenes have been published as flash-fiction “chapters.” This website lets you experience a work in progress. Can you imagine how thrilling it would have been to read the first draft of Harry Potter or Hunger Games? Experience the exciting creative process for yourself.

Additional Content

Great books don’t just manifest magically, they are crafted–just like the Book of the North. This website has been designed for book lovers and student writers who are interested in the craft of novel writing. In addition to the first thirty-one scenes, visitors can view a portion of the novels outline, editors notes, and a revision of the first twenty-nine scenes consolidated into the first six chapters of the Book of The North.


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