“There’s a fox, too?” Alex sounds nervous.

“Only in my dreams, or when I meditate.”

“You meditate?” James seems interested in this development, but I brush the topic aside, “just to manage the stress, but yeah.”

“The fox might be a personal totem. You can have both. A fox is sly, cunning, and can camouflage pretty well. They adapt to their environment to survive. They take shelter in underground dens,” here he sweeps his hand around the room inviting a comparison, “and they communicate with these odd little yips. Somewhere between the bark of a happy dog and the chatter of a hunting cat. Sound familiar?” He smiled at me.

We sit in silence for a second as I try to process what this means.

“In my dreams, the fox always leads me to the house in the woods,” I finally tell James. He darts a hopeful look at Erik.

“Is that why you went back to the circle?”

“I guess. Oh my god! I did see a fox there! I think I saw a fox there.”

“Maybe we should eat some pizza, and then take a walk.” James suggests as he looks back at Erik.

Erik nods his consent, then the two of them turn to Alex. She shrugs, “OK, I guess we can see what’s out there.”

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