“James, can you help me grab the colas?”


I am not sure if I really want help or if I just want James around. Maybe, I just want to avoid leaving James and Alex alone in the same room. I find myself smirking at the last thought.

As we head down the stairs, mom is paying the delivery guy, “Oh hey, pizza’s here.”

“Thanks, I forgot the cola. We can take that with us.”

“Ok, I’ll go help your aunt.”

We head to the kitchen and pull four cans of cola from the fridge. James tells me to stack them all on the pizza box he is now carrying, but I only give him two. I need to feel like I am doing something, and a part of me resents the whole ‘me man, you woman’ gesture.

When I open the door to my room, I see Erik on the computer and Alex holding my medicine bottle. I freeze in the doorway. When Alex sees me she slides the bottle back on the nightstand like its insignificant, “Ooo pizza!”

James passes me and places the box on the bed, but I still can’t move. Alex watches me.

“Amber?” She says softly.

I clench me teeth and try to regulate my breathing.

Erik looks up from the computer a little confused.

James looks at me, then Alex, then his eyes shift to the prescription bottle.

“Are you OK?” he asks, “Are you sick?”

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