Inward Spiral

“Yeah, it’s symbolic of leaving the outer material world and entering the inner spiritual world. The path is full of twists and turns to symbolize the twists and turns of your spiritual journey.”

Alex sighs and sprawls out on the bed. I watch her for a second as she absently examines the frayed ends of her hair.

“I think it’s time for a hair cut,” she says.

“So, you just walk this path and you connect with the divine?” Erik asks, “Sounds like a vision quest without any of the physical hardship. How can you really get to the core of your soul without being pushed to your limits?”
“I see your point,” James concedes, “but it’s not really meant to test you. I think life itself is supposed to be the test, but the labyrinth is supposed to remind you of that. Walking the labyrinth is not a right of passage. It’s more like a meditation.”

“How do you know all of this?” I ask.

“I just read a lot,”James shrugs.

His response feels too casual for me, but I don’t press the matter.

“I think the house, the one that used to be out there in the woods, belonged to a relative of mine, Victoria Mallory.”

Alex sat up on one elbow,”How do you know?”

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