Inward Spiral

I sat on the bed and turned on the laptop, “I’ve been trying to find some information on it.”

“Try labyrinth,” James suggested as he came to sit next to me. He watched the computer screen with intense interest.

I Googled the word labyrinth. Jack pot! Along with the links to Wikipedia and a 1986 movie by David Bowie appeared images of circular, maze like structures. I clicked the images and started scrolling through them.

“That’s it!” I pointed at the screen, “It’s smaller, maybe not as many twists and turns, but it definitely looks like that.”

“Interesting,” that’s all James has to say about the subject.

Erik comes to stand over my shoulder while Alex looked on from the opposite side.

“What’s the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? Or are they the same thing?” Alex asked.

“A maze has dead ends. A labyrinth does not.” James said, guiding the pointer to the back button and giving it a click. He started scrolling down the links, “See all of these websites about spiritual journeys? That’s what the labyrinth represents, the spiritual journey in and back out again.”

“So you walk through it right?” The memory of the cloaked figure plays in my head.

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