Inward Spiral

“Hey, cool room,” he says as I open the door. I’m not sure if he is trying to change the subject or if he is truly impressed. The walls are two shades of orange and my bedding and curtains are a bright fuchsia. A few fairy statues adorn the shelves on the wall.

“I expected something more earthy.”

“Earthy?” Erik’s eyebrows pinch together as he squints at James.

James ignores him, waiting for my response.

“I like color,” I say as I shrug. I don’t know what else to say. I know my choices are unusual, “Happy colors,” I add.

“Hey, my girl is more than just brains and show jumping,” Alex says as she plops on the bed.

“I see,” James says as he closes the door behind Erik.

I watch James, wondering if he really does see or if that was just a casual remark made by someone trying to be polite.

I’m not used to having this many people in my room at once, and I’m feeling a little uncomfortable, so I grab the lap top from my desk. “Hey, James, remember that stone circle you showed me. I went back and started clearing the leaves away and discovered that it’s actually a maze.”


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