Inward Spiral

“I ordered pizza,” mom says as soon as Alex and I walk into the kitchen. She looks exhausted and not up to the task of entertaining.

“Your mom was telling us about your competitive horse jumping.” James says with a smile.

I purse my lips, slightly embarrassed, but I refrain from rolling my eyes. I’m sure mom was doing her best to interact with a couple high school kids. Socializing is not her forte.

“Thanks, mom. We’ll go hang in my room for a while.”

She eyes the guys briefly then looks at Alex before responding,”Ok, hun, there’s soda in the fridge. I’ll bring the pizza up when it gets here.”

“Ladies first,” Alex says as she laces her arm around mine and pulls me out of the room. I can hear the guys in a hot debate as we head up the stairs. Something about the social value of youtube.

“It’s a democratic platform, in which all opinions can be posted and heard without commercial interference,” says James.

“Not all ideas are created equal, though. A guy who posts videos about harassing drunk chicks does not deserve as much attention as the guy volunteering at the homeless shelter, but guess who gets the most views?”

“OK, I see your point,” James concedes as we make it up stairs.

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