This time, I walk past the barn and head for the riding trail alone. My brain feels like it has been bludgeoned like a baby seal. Part of me wants to crawl in bed and hide under the covers, but there’s also a part of me that just wants to move forward without thinking. The air is still cool as it fills my lungs, and it extends throughout my body like little fingers tickling each cell.

The scent of soil and vegetation fill my head, inviting me deeper into the secret world of non-humans. Birds twitter in the canopy and small critters scurrying across the forest floor. My feet tromp over the warn path, snapping twigs. I stop and squat, running my hands over the ground in front of me. It’s cool and slightly wet with dew. Frost did not come last night.

I sit and take off my shoes. I slowly slide my bare feet back and forth in front of me, feeling the earth beneath them. I pull my knees to my chest and rest my forehead against them. I think of the trees around me, and their roots extending deep into the earth. I envy their simple lives. I hear a slight breeze rustle the leaves above me. I turn my head slightly and watch them wave in the air. Come, they beckon. Come. Come. They wave further down the path. I lift my head and look down the trail. I stand and continue barefoot.

I move forward, tentatively at first, feeling for rocks and sticks. Dew covered leaves stick to the souls of my feet. Soon, I am walking without thinking. My mind floats along the path with my feet. I watch the light ping off the many shades of orange, red, and yellow that ripple through the fading green. In just a few weeks, the forest will be ablaze with color, but not yet. For now, the remnants of summer desperately cling to the woods. I absently wander through time, my mind flitters to memories of the past and speculation of the future like a bird trying to land on twigs that are not quite sturdy enough to bare its weight. I am aware of the sun shifting above me, but the passage of time seems warped somehow.

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