Downward Spiral

I finally catch up with Alex just before French class. She saw me in the hallway and put her fist on her hip as I approached.

“Girl, where have you been? You missed the cat fight in the courtyard this morning. Jaden and Alison where fighting over some boy who . . .” She stopped mid-sentence. “You don’t look so good.”


“You know what I mean. You look pale and exhausted.”

“Yes, Alex. I have a mirror.”

“Are you sick?”

If she only knew. Then I remember. She doesn’t know about mima.

“My grandmother is in the hospital and scheduled for heart surgery today.”

“What?! Oh my god. Why didn’t you call and tell me?” She stepped closer and hugged me. It was almost enough to make me cry. Alex does not hug.

“It was a weird afternoon. And you know mom, she’s not handling the stress well.”

Alex rolled her eyes, “I’m sure. Is it serious? I mean I know, it’s heart surgery, but she’ll recover, right?”

“Yeah, Yeah, of course.” I shrug, “She’s tough.”

“Runs in the family,” she tries to give me an encouraging smile, but we both know we’re pretending.

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