“I have issues with authority,” James admits before Erik can respond.

“Oh, really?” This information doesn’t seem to match his playful personality, “James the rebel?”

“More a rebel of thought than action,” Erik intervenes.


“He’s the type that follows instructions, but questions everything.” Erik rolls his eyes dramatically to emphasize the word ‘everything.’

“You should question everything,” James replies, “and there is no point rebelling unless you’re actually going to make a difference. Some people just rebel for the sake of being difficult.” He eyes Erik as if making an accusation.

“How about you, Amber? Are you a rebel?” Erik asks.

James laughs again.

“What?” I ask at James.

“Nothing. Nothing.” James tries to look serious, but Erik is already smiling.

“So what kind of things do you question, Mr. Intellectual Rebel?”

“Oh, don’t get him started with his conspiracy theories.” Erik does a dramatic facepalm. I look at James who simply raises an eyebrow.

“He’s right. I am full of conspiracy theories,” turning to Erik he raises his voice slightly, “because the world is full of conspiracies.”

“You see,” Erik says, “I told you. Secret societies, government projects, hidden knowledge. If you ask me, he spends too much time on youtube.”

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