Heart Surgery

And, there it was. The transgression I knew I would pay for. “I’m sorry,” I croak.

“OH YOU’RE SORRY!” Her arms wave in animated hysteria. “Damn it, Amber. You can be so selfish sometimes. I was worried sick about you. You know you need help. You can’t just go running off like that. We have to deal with this issue . . . we need to work with professionals.”

I want to object. I want to tell her I needed time alone in the woods with my horse. Instead, I take a sip of water.

“Well?!” She stands there glaring at me.

“I just went for a ride.” My voice is soft.

“I know that,” she stomps off towards the kitchen, “I checked the stables.” I wonder if I am supposed to follow her or if this is my chance to escape. “Don’t let it happen, again!” That’s the signal. The conversation is over, and I quickly retreat to my room.

“Don’t forget,” she calls behind me as I go, “the trainer is coming today.”

Of course. Even with her mother in the hospital, she would make sure that preparations for greatness went on as usual.


*          *          *          *

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