Alex glares at him, her jaw set in displeasure.

James chuckles, “We’ve met.”

“Biology.” Alex adds as she swivels towards me in an act of exclusion. Fortunately, the bell rings and the tension shatters against the shuffle of feet and book bags.

“Talk to you later,” James calls out as Alex hooks her arm through mine and drags me off.

“Don’t tell me you know him,” Alex quips as we pass through the double doors.

“I met him in passing. Why?”

“He’s kinda creepy.”

“Creepy?” The idea baffles me.

“Yeah he sits in the back of class and watches everyone, doodling in his notebook. When he does speak, he asks some of the weirdest questions.”

“Weird questions?”

“He has this bizarre fascination with brain chemistry, receptors and neurons, or something like that. And, he’s always completely off topic-like he’s listening to a totally different lecture.”

“Oooo sounds dangerous.”

“I didn’t say dangerous. I said creepy.”

*          *          *

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