Stone Circle

[First Draft]

As we head to the stone circle, we talk about our classes and the hefty summer reading list. He admits he didn’t finish it. We talk about my love for horses, and he tells me the must see sights of Chicago. The idea of traveling always sparks my imagination: adventure, freedom, and excitement. We stay on the path for another twenty minutes until James suddenly veers off into the woods.

“Hey city boy, you’re not going to get us lost out here are you?”

“Nope. Scout’s honor.” He holds up his hand in a Boy Scout salute.

I’m not convinced, but I know Shadow can get me home even if James can’t.

I was expecting something like Stonehenge, but when we arrive I discover it’s just a circle of basketball size stones. A few feet away an old stone wall marks an ancient property line.

James looks at me and laughs, “Well, I’m sure it doesn’t look like much from up there.”

I humor my new friend by dismounting.

“Come here,” James waves in his direction, “I have something else to show you.” He turns and starts walking away.

“Did you drag me all the way out here to play doctor?”

James looks back at me with one eyebrow arched. The corners of his mouth turn up slightly as he tries not to laugh. He straightens his shoulders and speaks in a dignified tone, “I am deeply offended by your accusation.”

It’s my turn not to laugh. It’s nice being around someone like James, but I don’t want him to take my growing affection the wrong way.

After walking a few paces north of the stone circle, James pulls aside some dense brush and waits for me. As I get closer, I see the wild patch of golden daffodils growing along the outer wall of an old stone foundation.

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